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When I met Her Majesty the Queen

By Piers Rumble


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II visits


22 October 2008


On the twenty second of October two thousand and eight, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II visited Slovenia, with her husband, His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

As a family, we decided to go to Ljubljana to see the Queen.

Everywhere in Ljubljana, there were lots of people.

We waited for the Queen between the Three Bridges and the Union Hotel.

My brother and I brought some roses for the Queen; our mummy hung a Union Flag on the fence in front of us.

As she was walking up the street, Her Majesty saw us holding the flowers, and came towards us. ”Are those for me?” she asked. “Yes, your majesty”, we replied.

We gave her the flowers while daddy was taking lots of photos.

She thanked us and carried on towards the hotel.

On our return home, we felt very honoured and we could hardly wait to see the photos.